Celebrate Moments

By Peter Linderbergh


Under Peter Lindbergh's sensitive eye, Baume & Mercier reveals intimate, universal photographic stories which seal the decisive and festive moments in each individual life.

Baume & Mercier, watchmakers since 1830, has always been a generous Maison that expresses watchmaking excellence in all its creations and through a simple, consistent motto devised by its founders: "Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality".

This iconic Swiss brand with a rich history that began in 1830 pursues its engagement in the realm of the Celebration by revealing another facet of its "Life is about moments" signature.

For Baume & Mercier, time is far more than a succession of seconds, minutes and hours: time is marked by rare moments with which the brand associates, like a living witness. Life is made of these special, solemn, exceptional moments filled with emotion, that we enjoy celebrating and that we remember forever.

Baume & Mercier envisions watches as "gifts that contain feelings". In 1869, Louis-Victor Baume, co-founder of the Maison Baume in 1830, thus gave a richly decorated gold pocket watch to his daughter, Mélina, for her first communion, with the following words engraved on it: "To our beloved child".

The symbolism of the gift transcends its material reality. This is how the bond that unites a person to those he loves is sealed, through the promise of an eternal union, the birth of a child, a wedding anniversary, the achievement of a degree or a promotion. Baume & Mercier invites us to remember all these celebrations and to carry them within ourselves, in the same way one wears a cherished object.

And to turn these emotions into images, both intimate and universal, one could dream of no better artist than Peter Lindbergh, with his sensitive and distinctly cinematographic touch through careful composition with purely emotional truth.


Here, the joy of marriage is snapped from a car window. The picture gives the person looking at it a sense of being both witness and actor. During this moment of extreme emotional intensity, the photographer brings out with great sincerity the unique joy shared between two beings who love each other.


The maternal bond is captured, with simplicity and clarity, in an instinctive, natural gesture: a mother cuddling the child that she already loves and is holding in her arms. Bathed in summer light, the delicacy of this skin on skin experience records this moment in the universal story of life and maternal love.


The image expresses the individual pleasure of a moment of freedom. The smile of a man driving an exceptional car, his face turned towards the light. It is a man who has a fulfilled life, who has experienced successes and encounters, a man who knows the value of all things.


The big Three Zero has been reached. This is a perfect occasion to bring one's special friends together and mark the passing with a special occasion. A moment to reflect spontaneity and shared friendship around a man brimming with happiness.